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Make your life simpler. Zii gives you access to traveler profiles, booking, reports, reconciliation, communication, and duty of care, all through one platform.

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Get your point across.

No more unread PDF's. From educational videos, to emergency alerts, to 24/7 agent support, Zii's communication suite means everyone gets the information they need, when they need it.


Play by the rules.

Make compliance a non-issue. Zii's Scorecard equips you with detailed performance data while encouraging your travelers to comply with friendly competition.

What's in it for you?

Easy Booking

One click brings you from Zii to your online booking tool, ensuring you get the best content online.

Expense Reporting

Save yourself time. Effortlessly report your expenses through Zii.

Play By The Rules

We simplify travel policy compliance by scoring search results and encouraging friendly competition. Track performance on a slick dashboard.

Educational Video Content

Make communication and learning fun and relevant with tailored videos from your Zii team.

24/7 Support

Support when and how you need it, 24/7, we don't take holidays!

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